Multiplication with Colors and Synesthesia - Stamatis Muratidis Watson

Multiplication with Colors and Synesthesia

By Stamatis Muratidis Watson

  • Release Date: 2016-06-12
  • Genre: Mathematics


Few children have synesthesia, but most will benefit from the organization and focus the coloring of numbers provides. The visual presentation of the tables and the tactile aspect of rotating the cards with a simple swipe are both aspects which will facilitate a process that is often a boring chore for young learners.
Memorizing the multiplication table from a young age is key in not having to rely on a calculator for simple problems, which enables children to focus on understanding relational properties, such as proportions in both directly and inversely related systems.
This is simply a multiplication tables book, but a preview sample of the next book in this series with a handful of word problems that involve directly related items (proportions) is also provided.